Course Overview

Course Overview

What's Included?

  • A holistic ongoing curriculum
  • A group discussion forum
  • Monthly challenge exercises
  • Short lessons with learning objectives and exercises
  • 30-minute classes for Beginning, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate students
  • Journal exercises and supplementary materials

Ongoing Pilates Curriculum

I've designed a holistic ongoing curriculum to keep you well-rounded as you practice throughout the year. When you join the course, scroll down to the current month. It's okay if you don't get to all the content in one term before it ends. You'll come back around to it with new eyes next year!

Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is open for all course-related comments and questions. This is your space!

Monthly Challenge

Each term features two monthly challenges to guide your practice and build community. Leave a comment in the discussion forum to let your classmates & instructor know when you're joining the challenge.

Short Lessons

Short lessons are 5-15 minutes. They include learning objectives, demonstrations, and exercises. These are intended to be accessible for all levels. Read the text description for suggestions on how to make the lesson easier or harder.

Beginning, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate Classes

Each term includes 30-minute Pilates mat sessions at three levels. Beginning classes are for absolute beginners, or more experienced students who want to work on the basics. Advanced Beginner classes assume a basic level of prior knowledge. Intermediate classes are more challenging and faster-paced.

The text below each class video outlines the learning objectives, class sequence, and materials needed.

Using Home Equipment

Pilates Mat classes do not require any equipment. All you need is floor space where you can lie down and extend your arms and legs in all directions. A soft surface such as a carpet, thick yoga mat, or gym mat is ideal. Socks or bare feet work best.

I've included in your course three full-length classes demonstrating ways to use affordable home exercise supplies or "props" to assist your Pilates practice. Exercise balls and bands can offer guidance or resistance to work with correct form, or provide an extra challenge to deepen the impact of an exercise. Feel free to use your props with any of the Pilates Mat classes in this course.

Journal Entries & Supplemental Materials

The journal entries are designed to help you track your progress, and to note things you might want to tell or ask me when we meet. Some tips:

  • If you aren't able to practice due to illness, travel, or anything else, write a journal entry instead.
  • Try each of the journal entries once. Then spend more time on the ones you find useful, and skip the ones you don't find useful.
  • If writing feels complicated, think through each entry instead of writing.
  • If you're motivated by peers, share parts of your entries in the comments or talk about them with someone at home.
  • If you have a frustrating session, use the free-write exercises to work through it.
  • Start your practice sessions by writing or reading your journal to get yourself focused.
  • End your practice sessions by writing or reading your journal to gather your thoughts.
  • Don't make it a big deal. If journaling feels complicated, skip it for now.


This is a self-paced course designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. You can spend as much or as little time as you'd like on it. Some tips:

  • If you have an inconsistent schedule, put several weekly practice times on your calendar and use a couple of them each week. (E.g. My calendar alerts me Monday-Friday 5pm. One week I make it on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the next week on Monday and Thursday.)
  • If you're motivated by scheduled times and group accountability, make a date to practice with a friend or family member at the same time every week.
  • Pay attention to your body. Choose more vigorous classes when you have more energy, and slower classes when your energy is low. If you're a menstruating woman, you might want to practice more intensely after menstruation and give yourself a break before and during.

Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment in the Discussion Forum at any time.


Kate Feinberg Robins

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