Course Overview

Course Overview

What's Included?

  • A holistic ongoing curriculum
  • One course workbook with writing exercises to guide your practice
  • A group discussion forum
  • One 30-minute Pilates mat warm-up
  • One 5-minute ballet warm-up
  • Monthly challenge exercises
  • Short lessons with learning objectives and exercises
  • 30-minute classes for Beginning, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate students
  • 30-minute Demi-Pointe and Pointe classes
  • Featured documentaries and resources

Ongoing Ballet Curriculum

I've designed a holistic ongoing curriculum to keep you well-rounded as you practice technique and artistry throughout the year. When you join the course, scroll down to the current month. It's okay if you don't get to all the content in one term before it ends. You'll come back around to it with new eyes next year!

Ballet Course Workbook

Your course workbook includes writing exercises for self assessment, scheduling, learning objectives, notes, reflections, and questions.

Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is open for all course-related comments and questions. This is your space!


Your ballet practice will feel much better if you warm yourself up before barre! Choose from a 5-minute floor warm-up or a full 30-minute Pilates Mat class to get yourself ready to dance.

Monthly Challenge

Each term features two monthly challenges to guide your practice and build community. Leave a comment in the discussion forum to let your classmates & instructor know when you're joining the challenge.

Short Lessons

Short lessons are 10-15 minutes. They include learning objectives, demonstrations, and exercises. These are intended to be accessible for all levels. Read the text description for suggestions on how to make the lesson easier or harder.

Beginning, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate Classes

These 30-minute practice sessions are organized by level. Beginning classes are for absolute beginners, or more experienced students who want to work on the basics. Advanced Beginner classes assume a basic level of prior knowledge. Intermediate classes are more challenging and faster-paced.

Demi-Pointe and Pointe Classes

Demi-pointe classes are designed to strengthen lower legs, feet, and overall alignment. You can use them as preparation for pointe work, or just as strength classes. We also learn and practice demi-pointe steps. Any of the Pointe classes can be taken on demi-pointe in soft shoes or socks.

Pointe classes are for students who are working with or have worked with an instructor. It's important for an instructor to give you the go-ahead before you start pointe. You need to have appropriate strength and technical knowledge to be able to do pointe work safely, You also need the right shoes and floor. Any of the Demi-Pointe classes can be taken on pointe. Stay at the barre until you've built the strength to do the exercises in centre.

Featured Documentaries and Resources

Occasionally I'll post a featured documentary or article at the bottom of the course when I come across materials that inspire me.

Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment in the Discussion Forum at any time.

Happy dancing!

Kate Feinberg Robins

[email protected]

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