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Ongoing Curriculum

for Group and On-Demand Classes


Winter (Jan-Feb) - Axé, Endurance, Movement

Spring 1 (Mar-Apr) - Vision, Space, Defense

Spring 2 (May-Jun) - Call and Response, Rhythm, Attack

Summer (Jul-Aug) - Creation, Style, Flourish

Fall 1 (Sep-Oct) - Clarity, Awareness, Counter

Fall 2 (Nov-Dec) - Circularity, Flow, Malícia

Adult Ballet

Winter (Jan-Feb) - Synchronization, Breath, Adage

Spring 1 (Mar-Apr) - Visualization, Control, Pirouettes & Balance

Spring 2 (May-Jun) - Clarity, Precision, Petit Allegro

Summer (Jul-Aug) - Stage Presence, Center of Gravity, Waltz

Fall 1 (Sep-Oct) - Narrative, Awareness, Traveling Steps

Fall 2 (Nov-Dec) - Creativity, Flow, Grand Allegro

Pilates Mat

Winter (Jan-Feb) - Breath, Harmony, Bridging

Spring 1 (Mar-Apr) - Control, Balance, Abdominal and Spinal Work

Spring 2 (May-Jun) - Precision, Efficiency, Arm and Leg Work

Summer (Jul-Aug) - Center, Stability, Foot and Hip Work

Fall 1 (Sep-Oct) - Awareness, Strength, Side and Back Work

Fall 2 (Nov-Dec) - Flow, Mobility, Stretching


Winter (Dec-Feb) - Endurance

Spring (Mar-May) - Range of Motion

Summer (Jun-Aug) - Stability and Resistance

Fall (Sep-Nov) - Applied Movement

Custom Workshops

Talleres Personalizados

Email us at [email protected] to get a quote to design and deliver a custom workshop in English or Spanish for your organization.

Envíanos un correo a [email protected] para recibir un estimado para diseñar y entregar un taller personalizado en español o inglés para su organización.