Lesson 1. Movement - Ginga

Lesson 1. Movement - Ginga

Learning Objective

Establish a safe, comfortable, and dynamic capoeira "stance" with the Ginga.

What You Need:

  • Floor space - enough to turn around yourself in a circle with fully extended arms
  • Footwear and flooring surface that enables you to move without slipping and without twisting your ankles or knees

Lesson Sequence:

  • Ginga for 11 minutes, following along with Instructor Quiabo

Notes & Modifications:

  • If Ginga is already a familiar movement for you, then continue with your Ginga without stopping for the full 11 minutes. Listen to the instructions while you move. Check and modify your form without stopping your movement.

Instructor: DeShawn "Quiabo" Robins [email protected]

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