How to Use This Discussion Forum

How to Use This Discussion Forum

The Basics

Each month I'll post a featured piece to get the discussion going. I'll also include a quiz (not graded :-) to make sure you got the main points. After reviewing the featured piece, leave a response to one or more discussion questions in the Guided Discussion.

If you'd like to share thoughts or resources unrelated to the monthly topic, please use the Open Discussion in the Intro section.

Who can see my comments?

Your comments will be visible to all enrolled participants.

For how long will my comments be visible?

Your comments on monthly topics will be visible for 6 months. Your introductory comments will be visible as long as you are enrolled in the course. You should be able to delete your own comments at any time. Contact me if you have trouble with this.

What am I allowed to say?

Say what's on your mind in a way that you feel is respectful.

How can I see other people's comments?

If you'd like to receive email notifications when others comment on a discussion, then go to Edit Profile and enable notifications. You will only receive an email when others respond to your comment and/or participate in a discussion that you have commented on. You can also just sign in periodically to catch up on the discussion.

What if I feel uncomfortable with someone else's comments?

Let them know! This is a safe space to talk with each other about how we are communicating and give each other opportunities to clarify our comments. If a participant is making you feel unsafe, please let me know.

I look forward to discussing with you!

Kate Feinberg Robins

[email protected]

Cover photo credit: Jean Grégoire. Great mascarade during the student protests against the tuition fee rise in Quebec, Canada, in 2012

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