Strength, Cardio, Stretch

Strength, Cardio, Stretch

Strength sessions focus on increasing strength in a particular muscle group. These exercises emphasize precision, and at the intermediate and advanced levels, muscle endurance. Strength sessions can serve as a warm-up for Cardio and Stretch sessions.

Cardio sessions focus on elevating the heart rate. The emphasis is on cardiovascular endurance over precision, so it is important to warm up before doing weight-bearing cardio exercises. Because cardio exercises are full body movements with an emphasis on intensity, these are a great warm-up for Stretch sessions.

Stretch sessions focus on increasing mobility in a particular muscle group. It is important to always warm up before stretching. For Beginning Stretch sessions, simply doing them at the end of a day of regular activities can be sufficient warm-up. For Advanced Stretch sessions, a thorough warm-up of strengthening, cardio, and/or low-intensity stretching is essential to avoid injury.

Full Strength/Cardio/Stretch sessions begin with a strengthening to warm up, followed by a cardio-focused full body movement, and finish with cool-down stretches. If you want a thorough all-in-one package, this is the place to go!

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