Lesson on Breath - Plié and Relevé

Lesson on Breath - Plié and Relevé

Learning Objectives

Coordinate breath with Plié.

Coordinate breath with Plié to Relevé.

What You Need:

  • A barre or piece of furniture you can use as a barre
  • A hard, even floor surface for balancing on demi-pointe

Lesson Sequence:

  • Exercise 1 - Plié with Breath at Barre
  • Exercise 2 - Plié with Breath in Centre
  • Exercise 3 - Plié to Relevé with Breath at Barre

Notes & Modifications:

  • If forced breathing leads you to hyperventilate, then let your breath soften and think about moving your body in a breath-like manner as you plié.
  • More advanced students can do the Relevé exercise in centre or on pointe, if you are sufficiently warmed up.

Instructor: Kate Feinberg Robins [email protected]

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