Welcome to Pilates at Find Your Center

Welcome to Pilates at Find Your Center!

Pilates is a system of movement that I've found incredibly helpful for my own wellness. When I began having lower back pain as a young adult, I discovered that Pilates mat exercises made it disappear. I developed a practice to align my body and engage my core muscles every morning. I've carried the practice with me to this day.

While many Pilates mat exercises appear on the surface to be like any other workout, the holistic approach and precise technique are what make them Pilates. Pilates and yoga are two different techniques with different histories. Yoga, coming from the Buddhist tradition, conditions the body to sit still in meditation. Joseph Pilates developed his movement system to overcome illnesses and injuries. He later worked with leading ballet and modern dance companies to train their dancers. Pilates stabilizes the core and aligns the body in low-impact positions, building a strong foundation from which to perform all kinds of high-impact movements. Pilates is an accessible exercise method for people of all body types and levels of physical fitness, while also being a key training component for some elite athletes.

I look forward to sharing this practice with you, and to helping you bring the strength, alignment, and mind-body connection of Pilates into your life.


Kate Feinberg Robins

[email protected]

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