June Challenge - Precision and Efficiency

June Pilates Challenge

Precision and Efficiency

  1. Find a day this month when you can do a 1-hour session.
    1. Take the 30-minute Beginning Pilates Class - Precision in Basic Exercises to review or learn correct Pilates form and alignment.
    2. Take any other 30-minute Pilates class. Focus on applying the principles of precision that you just reviewed or learned.
  2. Design your own efficient warm-up for any kind of intense exercise that you enjoy.
    1. Take or watch the Intermediate Pilates Class - Efficient Warm-Up for Intense Exercise to get ideas.
    2. Your warm-up can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, whatever length of time works for you.
    3. Review and memorize your warm-up so you can use it regularly.

Let us know in the Discussion Forum how it's going.

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